Military Shoulder Holster

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The military gun shoulder holster is designed to be worn bandoleer-style across the chest. It is constructed of multi-layer turned and quilted Ballistic nylon with an adjustable strap to secure the weapon and a second strap to secure the tactical shoulder holster to the belt. The holster's design provides an extremely comfortable and stable carry. The low profile design keeps the weapon close to your body, allowing for free and natural movement. The over the shoulder gun holster has military spec. hardware and is available in three sizes (listed below) to fit a variety of handguns. Available in right or left hand versions.

The military style chest holster is made in the USA.

#HN45B Fits most Colt 1911 4.25-5" and Browning Hi-Power
#HN45BR Fits most 4" revolvers and larger automatics
#HN45BL Fits most 6" revolvers and long barreled automatics

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