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All products and prices are subject to change without notice. In-stock items are typically shipped within twenty-four (24) hours. Any item that is out of stock will be backordered for shipment when product is available. No refunds or exchanges on special order items.

Please do not return any merchandise without prior written authorization - no credit will be issued for any such unauthorized return. All claims of return merchandise must be made within ten days of date of invoice. Product must be returned within 30 days of invoice date to avoid a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee. All shipping charges incurred by the customer as a result of items returned for refund or exchange are the responsibility of the customer.

International Orders
All prices are listed in US dollars ($). International customers are responsible for all additional freight charges including duty and tax.

For your protection and safety we recommend you read, understand and follow these warnings and this information before using any Elite Survival Systems product. Elite Survival Systems products include special instructions that are to be read, understood and followed before using the product.

So that we may provide the best possible Elite Survival Systems product, the prices, designs, finishes, sizes, specifications, and availability of our products are subject to change without notice.

It is essential for your safety that, before you use any Elite Survival Systems products, you first receive training in the safe operation of firearms including handguns. Instruction is available from recognized firearms safety training institutions such as the National Rifle Association, 1600 Rhode Island Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036.

Your law enforcement agency may select and provide the holsters for your use. In such cases it is the responsibility of the agency to make the holster selection, not the holster manufacturer. This should be done after reviewing all of the available alternatives. The review must include an analysis of the performance, quality of construction, and safety of the holsters and other products under consideration.

It is also the agency’s responsibility to provide you with weapon retention training. No holster can retain a handgun from a determined assailant, or from falling out in every situation. It is your responsibility to take advantage of effective weapon retention training. It is also your responsibility to become proficient in such retention techniques, and to employ them when needed.

Elite Survival Systems products are only to be used by uniformed police officers when such officers have received weapon retention training administered by qualified weapons retention instructors.

Always test a holster for proper fit with the handgun by first using an unloaded handgun. When inserting the handgun, keep the thumb on the hammer or slide of the handgun. This will help prevent movement of the hammer or slide. Always keep your fingers away from the handgun’s trigger when holstering or drawing your handgun. Touching the trigger during holstering or drawing could result in an accidental discharge. Accidental discharges can cause serious injury and even death.

Each time you carry your handgun in your holster, always ensure that you fully seat your handgun in the holster. Also be certain that any straps or retention devices furnished with the holster are functional, and always use them. Never modify your holster or deactivate or remove any factory-supplied retention device. During vigorous activity, such as running or climbing, always hold the handgun tightly into the holster with your hand.

Elite Survival Systems recommends that you practice regularly with your Elite Survival Systems holster to improve your familiarity and proficiency with the holster . Regular practice also will help ensure your safety while handling a handgun with your holster.

Elite Survival Systems has designed its holsters and other products only for handguns carried with the hammer down. Never carry any handgun in an Elite Survival Systems product with the hammer cocked. Such carry can result in an accidental dischar ge, causing serious injury or even death.

Elite Survival Systems designs and intends its products for firearms of factory-standard specifications. Your Elite Survival Systems holster or other product is to be used only with the specific handgun for which it is designed, intended and clearly marked. Always avoid the use of customized, or poorly maintained, or damaged, or low-quality handguns with your holster or other product.

Avoid the use of any accessory items for your handgun that are not factory options. Some handgun accessories are not intended for use with a holstered handgun. Certain handgun accessories, including trigger shoes, wide triggers, and wide hammers can cause accidental dischar ges when used with a holstered handgun.Aftermarket handgun grips or grip adapters may interfere with the safe function or effective retention of your holster .

Avoid any modifications to your Elite Survival Systems product. Any modifications could result in an accidental discharge or reduced firearm retention.

Regular inspections and maintenance by you of your Elite Survival Systems products are essential. In the event you find your Elite Survival Systems product to be loose, worn, damaged or ineffective, cease use immediately. Immediately contact Elite Survival Systems at the address or toll-free number provided on this document.

Elite Survival Systems’ products, when properly used and maintained, can provide years of satisfactory performance. It is, however, impossible for Elite Survival Systems to prevent abuses of our products. Therefore, Elite Survival Systems products are sold “as is” and “with all faults.” Elite Survival Systems makes no express or implied warranties on the sale of our products.

Disclaimed from the sales transaction are all warranties of merchantability or fitness for the intended use, either expressed or implied. Also disclaimed from the sales transaction is any liability for incidental or consequential damage resulting from the use of an Elite Survival Systems product.

The buyer, and not Elite Survival Systems, assumes the entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product. Also, the buyer, and not Elite Survival Systems, is responsible for determining the suitability of the product for the intended use.

In the event you find your Elite Survival Systems product is loose, worn, damaged or ineffective, you as the buyer assume the entire risk of all necessary servicing or repair. If you have a question regarding your Elite Survival Systems product or Elite Survival Systems’ policies, please contact Elite Survival Systems using the contact information on this form.

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