Concealed Carry Bags and Packs

Elite Survival Systems concealment packs and bags provide unique, discreet solutions for off-body carry. Never worry about printing again! Our packs and bags provide absolute concealment for your CCW with room left over for whatever you may need. Elite Tactical Gun Pouches allow you to carry with peace of mind... and all your accessories. Discretion is the watchword. Tactical Elite concealed carry backpacks and CCW bags are designed to emulate everyday civilian items such as cellphone casestrail hiking bags, or backpacks.

When selecting a concealed carry backpack or waist pack, remember to consider all of your daily carry needs. Our packs not only perform well as discreet carry packs, but were also carefully designed with capacity and features to provide optimal organization for all of your daily carry necessities. Dedicated pockets and compartments keep all of your gear fast at hand. You will immediately notice that all Elite Survival Systems packs were designed with an emphasis on both concealed carry function, as well as everyday pack performance.