Four Gun Pistol Pack, Range Bag

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This discreet case was designed with two identical compartments, one on each side. Both can hold two handguns and contain fully-adjustable straps and loops for magazines. Each compartment on this pistol travel case has a separate accessory compartment with a padded divider inside. The accessory compartments of this multi-pistol range bag have elastic loops and hook and loop pouches for magazines, ammo and accessories - as well as a mesh pouch for cleaning supplies, paperwork, etc. This pistol travel case has heavy-duty zippers and hardware and a molded rubber handle for comfort. This Elite Survival Systems four gun pistol pack holds as much gear as other packs three times its size.

• Constructed of 1000 denier nylon
• Heavy-duty zippers and hardware
• Two identical compartments to hold two handguns each
• Adjustable tie downs and pockets for guns and accessories
• Divided accessory compartments
• Molded, easy-grip handle for secure carry
• Available in black
• Shoulder Strap included

Measures 15" x 11" x 5"

The best compact 4-pistol range bag on the market!

Gear TipsFour Gun Pistol Pack

  • Personalize your gear
  • MAKE SURE ALL FIREARMS INSIDE BAG ARE CLEAR AND SAFE! – Do not transport any firearms loaded!
  • Write your point of contact information on bag and use an inventory card for quick accountability
  • Use a colored bag identifier to help separate your black bag from other black bags if transporting or shipping
  • Add a first aid kit to your Four Gun Pistol Pack: small band aids, sterile strips, solution disinfectant, blood clot, tourniquet
  • For transportation and storage of firearms when using a barrel blocker have slide forward for automatic firearms, and for revolvers have trigger locks
  • On semi-automatic firearms place all extraction ports up and use cylinder locks for revolvers whenever possible
  • When using mesh pockets, place your items in small plastic bags to add extra protection to lining from contact with sharp objects
  • Avoid laying other objects on top of the Four Gun Pistol Pack
  • For cleaning, use a soft bristle brush and non–oil base soap
  • Do not leave unsupervised

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