Pocket Holster

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Magazine Pouch

This inside the pocket holster remains in place while you draw...

  • Constructed of non-slip material, memory conducive foam, and soft nylon lining
  • Designed to keep firearm in the upright position
  • Helps protect firearm from other pocketed items
  • Non-slip outer layer helps keep the pocket holster in place while gun is drawn
  • Ambidextrous
  • Available in seven sizes
  • Made in the USA

Available in a Combo Kit, includes Holster and Pocket Magazine Pouch (Reg: $9.95)

Size 1: Diamondback DB Series; Kel-Tec P32, P-3AT; Kimber Solo; North American Arms (NAA) Guardian 380;  Ruger LCP; S&W Bodyguard 380; Taurus PT22

Size 1L
: Beretta 950, 3032 Tomcat; Desert Eagle Micro Eagle; Heizer Defense PS1; Kahr P380; Kel-Tec P32,P3AT w/Laser; Ruger LCP w/LaserMax or Crimson Trace Laser and Ruger LCP-II; S&W Bodyguard 380 w/Laser, Taurus PT738

Size 2
: 1911 frame pistols w/3” barrel; Beretta BU9 Nano, Pico; Diamondback DB380, DB9; Glock 42, 43; Kahr MK, K, P9/40, CW9/40, PM9/40, CM9; Kel-Tec PF9/PF11; Ruger LC9S holster; S&W BG380 w/laser, M&P Shield; SCCY CPX; Sig P238, P938; Springfield XDS; Taurus PT709-Slim; Walther P22

Size 2L
: 1911 frame pistols w/3” barrel and Laser; Bond Arms .45/.410 Derringer; Heizer Defense P045; Kahr 9/40 w/laser, P380 w/laser; Kel-Tec PF9 w/laser; Ruger LC9 w/LaserMax or Crimson Trace laser; Sig Sauer P238 w/laser, P290

Size 2XL: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield with laser 

Size 3
: 2” J Frame Revolvers; Colt Detective Special; Heizer Defense Products; Ruger LCR

Size 3L
: 2” J Frame Revolvers w/lasers mounted under barrel; Ruger LCR with LaserMax CenterFire

For additional pocket carry options for larger firearms, view our Mainstay IWB/Pocket Holster

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