April 01, 2022

Have you considered carrying your concealed carry off your body? There are some preconceived notions that a concealed carry must be on your body. But depending on your preferences, there are benefits to carrying off your body as well. Read these three reasons to consider off-body concealed carry.


When you decide to carry off your body, you open the door to more versatility in how you carry your gun. It can be difficult to invest in an easy-to-clear wardrobe and wear it every time you have your firearm on you. In fact, it’s easy to conceal carry without proper clothing. But unfortunately, this isn’t your safest option. When you invest in versatile ways to carry off the body, the door is open to continually carrying your firearm with you all while knowing you and the firearm are safe if you had to draw it. It may also involve only a one-time-purchase, rather than multiple purchases for a proper wardrobe.


If you decide to carry off your body, you can carry several different firearms. No need to mess with a new holster purchase or body fit. Using a covert rifle bag or backpack allows you to carry different kinds of firearms. You can choose your firearm of choice for that day and not have to readjust your entire outfit or holster.


What may be one of the largest benefits to off-body concealed carry is the comfort. No longer deal with your firearm poking or prodding you. In addition, avoid having to readjust your firearm discreetly in the public’s eye. Enjoy the comfort and effortless ways you can carry off your body. Chances are, most off- body concealed carry only need strap adjustments. Once you have the straps adjusted appropriately, you should be set for a good while.

There are several different ways that you can carry your concealed carry. Of course, this is based off personal preference. Try to keep in mind these three reasons to consider off-body concealed carry. Enjoy the comfort and versatility. Invest in off-body concealed carry today.

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