May 31, 2023

A well-made concealed carry belt supports the weight of your firearm and keeps it hidden and accessible. Explore the key factors you should consider when deciding what belt you should wear for concealed carry.

Snug Fit

The belt should fit snugly against your body to keep your gun in the correct position. Generally, the belt must be about three to six inches longer than your pants' waist size to accommodate your holster and other everyday carry (EDC) gear. An effective way to find the correct belt size is to measure one of your current belts.

Fit Test

To find an accurate fit, put on one of your non-stretchy belts. Load it up with your EDC gear, such as your holster, flashlight, and magazines. Adjust the belt to fit comfortably, and note the hole you use to fasten the belt.

Remove the belt and measure the distance from the very end of the belt buckle to the hole that you used. Round the measurement to the nearest inch to get the belt size you should order.


Material is another consideration when determining what concealed carry belt you should wear. The two most popular belt materials are leather and nylon.


Leather is durable, strong, and stylish. Leather belts mold to your body over time.

Leather costs more than nylon, but you can get your money’s worth if you maintain the belt. However, leather belts are also more rigid and can limit your range of motion, especially when newer.


Nylon belts can feel more comfortable than leather belts because they're more lightweight and adjustable. They also cost less than leather.

Many nylon belts are too wide to fit into most pants' belt loops, so make sure the width is not a problem. If your nylon belt gets damaged, you will likely need to buy a replacement rather than make repairs.


A high-quality concealed carry belt should be rigid enough to hold your firearm securely but still feel comfortable to wear. A strap that is too stiff can be uncomfortable and restrict your movement.

A larger or heavier firearm requires a more rigid gun belt to support its weight. The belt will sag if it isn't stiff enough for your gun, holster, and other EDC equipment.

Belt Sag Problems

A sagging belt pulls your pants low and feels uncomfortable. Belt sag can increase the likelihood of printing or even expose your weapon. Finally, you don't want your belt to sag because it makes it harder to draw your gun smoothly.

Secure your firearm to your gun belt with a concealed carry holster from Elite Survival Systems. Smart design and high-quality construction improve concealment and comfort. Shop with us today for this essential everyday carry item.

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