May 10, 2023

When you carry concealed, you prioritize the element of surprise to keep the upper hand in possible emergency situations. You don’t want to broadcast that you have a weapon, so you carefully choose the holster that best fits your needs.

However, if you don’t pay attention to the clothing you choose, you could be giving away that you’re carrying. Stay discreet and keep your weapon accessible; use these five clothing tips for those who have a concealed carry license.

1. Aim for Medium-Weight Fabric

While it’s obvious that tight-fitting clothing will show the outline of your weapon, the weight of the fabric matters, too. Lightweight fabrics can cling to the gun or reveal the weapon’s outline, otherwise known as printing. On the other hand, heavy fabrics can make it difficult for you to quickly access your weapon. Try to wear medium-weight fabrics whenever possible to avoid these problems.

2. Wear Patterns

If you have a concealed carry license, one of the best clothing tips is to wear patterns. The patterns will provide an optical illusion, camouflaging your weapon under your clothing. The best shirt designs have an unpredictable pattern, so the eye can’t catch variations created by the gun underneath the fabric.

3. Adjust Your Size

You will need to adjust the size of your clothes to accommodate carrying comfortably and safely; your shirts and waistband might need to be a bit larger to account for your firearm and holster.

Practice wearing your holster and weapon around the house and look at yourself in the mirror. Are you printing? When you lift your arms, does your shirt ride up and reveal your gun? Checking at home will allow you to adjust your clothes to avoid printing or showing the actual gun when you’re out.

4. Practice Accessing Your Gun

When deciding on what to wear, prioritize concealment and accessibility. No matter how long you’ve been carrying, you should periodically practice accessing your concealed gun.

While tight or lightweight clothes can lead to printing, you can tangle your weapon in bulky or flowing fabric, such as an unbuttoned shirt. When you practice accessing your gun, make sure you can keep the fabric clear while you unholster.

5. Consider Off-the-Body Carry Options

Finally, while you want to dress the best you can for concealed carry, sometimes the weather or other conditions outside of your control make it difficult. Concealed carry bags and packs make off-body discreet carry possible. CCW bags are a great everyday carry option that doesn’t rely on your outfit for concealment. Instead, choose a high-quality bag and keep it on you at all times.

Carry With Elite Survival Systems

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