March 25, 2022

Invest in your concealed carry firearm. Let it reflect your firearm aesthetic while you improve functionality. Consider these three ways you can customize your concealed carry firearm.


A benefit to firearm customization is color choice in gun and holster. Keep in mind that the purpose of your holster and firearm is not to stand out. You may not want to choose a color that draws attention to your firearm. However, there are several different color and texture choices you can make for that added personal touch. One of these color and pattern styles that can be considered for your concealed carry equipment include camouflage. Decide what camouflage you like best and research if your firearm or holster have capabilities to be customized in that way. If aesthetics is important to you, choose a camouflage or color that matches other nylon tactical gear you may own.


Your grip is another important way you can customize your firearm. Change in grip texture can immensely improve your accuracy when you shoot. The rougher the texture, the more your hand can hold a tight grip on the firearm. A tight grip is most likely to improve your accuracy. Make the switch from a rubber grip to a granulate grip.


Your sites are yet another important customization you will want to make. If possible, shoot a few firearms with different site styles. If you don’t have the capability to do so, resources and videos online are a great way to hear others reviews and testimonials of site designs. You may want to stray away from large sites due to the nature of a concealed carry gun. Smaller sites, like a simple trench milled on the slide, may work best logistically. Of course, everyone has a preference.

Consider these three ways you can customize your concealed carry firearm. Educate yourself and do your research. Have confidence in the color, grip, and sights before you make a purchase. Find contentment in your firearm and the choices you’ve made for it.

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