February 25, 2022

When you carry a gun, you need a holster to conceal it, especially in a public place or venue where you shouldn’t leave it out for everyone to see. Without a gun holster, there is no guarantee that your gun will stay in place. In such cases, the gun can even fall to the floor and quickly become a safety hazard to yourself and the people around you. If you’re ready to become a more responsible firearm owner, check out these common types of concealed carry holsters so that you can find the perfect option.

Inside the Waistband Carry Holster (IWB)

IWB is easier to access as you can still grip the handle outside while the rest of the pistol resides inside your pants. Plus, an IWB holster can provide stability to your gun, preventing it from moving as much. You may opt to carry the holster at your side hip or the small of your back, depending on how it impacts your movement.

Pocket Holster

The waistband isn’t the only place to have a concealed carry holster. For example, gun enthusiasts who want to carry their small firearm discreetly and provide trigger protection use a pocket holster. This holster option is particularly useful because it conceals the gun’s outline, protects the trigger, and provides you with easy access to your weapon.

Ankle Carry Holster

For long-time gun carriers, it may not matter where they place their weapon, but a novice in gun carrying may find it challenging to use an ankle holster since it’s tough to reach during an emergency. In addition, with the hook and loop fasteners and elastic to open the holster, removing the gun may take time.

That said, ankle holsters may be ideal for a backup gun. Plus, you can always practice with your new ankle holster to develop a more comfortable, fluid draw motion. Practice makes perfect, and drawing from firearm holsters is no exception.

Shoulder Holster

This holster is perfect for those who can wear a jacket the whole day to hide the gun beneath their armpit. Shoulder holsters also have a spare magazine that you can carry and set at the opposite side of your body.

You can find these four common types of concealed carry holsters made from leather, nylon, or Kydex. Leather carry holsters are flexible and comfortable. On the other hand, nylon concealed carry holsters are cost-effective, high quality, durable, and you can draw the gun with ease. Thanks to these benefits, we proudly carry nylon concealed carry holsters among our many options. Finally, Kydex material holsters are lightweight and mold to your gun’s shape. Now that you’re more in tune with your options, you can start searching for the best concealed carry holster.

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