March 16, 2023

Shooting sports test your accuracy, precision, and speed. Whether competing as an individual or a team member, use a holster that enhances your performance.

Your needs depend on your weapon and your competition type. Explore four tips for choosing the right holster for competitions.

1. Draw From Smooth Material

Holster material is an essential consideration for anyone who shoots, but especially for those who need to fire rapidly. A holster with smooth material like high-denier nylon will make your draw more fluid. Additionally, a tactical nylon holster has a stiffener that improves support and makes it easier to draw your weapon. A stiff competition belt and a tactical nylon holster give you excellent support.

2. Accommodate Attachments

Another tip for choosing the right holster for competitions is to consider your gun attachments. Red dot sights are becoming more popular in shooting competitions because they help you acquire the target faster. Choose a holster compatible with guns with high sights or red dot sights.

3. Carry Additional Ammo

Bring plenty of ammo for the competition, and remember that it's better to have too much rather than not enough. Some ammo carriers attach inside or outside the waistband on your belt. Others ride inside your pants pocket. In addition to these options, your tactical holster can have pouches for spare cartridges.

4. Consider Your Carry Style

Finally, as with any holster you use, consider your carry style to find comfortable and intuitive equipment. Secure your holster on the draw-hand side of your competition belt. You can often change the tilt of the holster based on your preference. When determining your ideal holster angle, remember that drawing from a canted holster typically feels most comfortable when your wrist remains neutral.

Consider your holster's material, compatibility with gun attachments, ammo compartments, and positioning. At Elite Survival Systems, we offer tactical gun holsters that support your competition goals. Shop with us for your essential equipment.

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