September 16, 2022

If you want to protect yourself from aggressive wild animals or possible assailants while you camp, carry a firearm. Call your destination’s park office ahead of time to learn the rules regarding concealed carry. Then consider these five easy ways to carry firearms when camping to find your preferred carry position.

1. CCW Fanny Pack

Many people find a fanny pack the easiest option for carrying a firearm while camping. The pack will keep your firearm close to you in case of an emergency, and the compact design makes it convenient to carry around all the time. If you go on a hike, the pack probably won’t interfere with the other gear you carry.

2. CCW Backpack

Another easy way to carry a firearm when camping is with a CCW backpack. The backpack will hold your gun securely, and you can keep other gear organized in the bag as well, including water, snacks, and a first aid kit. And like CCW fanny packs, the design of a CCW backpack won’t call attention to your weapon. Since you won’t want to wear a backpack continuously as you camp, it’s a good idea to combine this carry option with others.

3. Outside the Waistband Carry

If you’re permitted to open carry, and you don’t have any personal reservations about it, outside the waistband (OWB) can be a great option while camping. If you prefer to conceal an OWB holster, you can experiment with longer shirts and outerwear. OWB facilitates a speedy draw, and many people find it comfortable for long periods of carrying.

4. Inside the Waistband

If you want to carry inside the waistband (IWB), carrying at the appendix position will conceal your weapon and can help you draw your weapon quickly. This option works well if you go on light hikes or spend a lot of time near your campsite. But if you plan on going on a hike with a heavy pack, think about the friction and consider whether your pack’s waist harness prevents you from carrying inside the waistband.

5. Pocket Carry

Another option is to tuck your holster into a cargo pocket. This method combines concealment, easy access, comfort, and practicality as it won’t interfere with hiking gear. A slip-resistant design will help keep your pocket holster in place when you draw.

Before your next camping trip, get your tactical backpack with holster from Elite Survival Systems. Our durable CCW backpacks feature compartments that make it easy for you to arrange your camping gear, secure your weapon, and carry your gun accessories. Shop with us today.

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