April 25, 2023

Cleaning your firearm is an essential maintenance task that keeps your gun in the best condition. Use these five handgun cleaning tips for improved performance and safety.

1. Create a Gun Cleaning Station

Having all your supplies handy and arranging them neatly will improve your efficiency and effectiveness. Make sure you create your gun cleaning station in a well-ventilated area.

You can buy a premade gun-cleaning kit or make your own. A kit typically includes bore brushes, cleaning rods, cleaning patches, general-purpose brushes, jags, cleaning solutions, gun oil, and a storage container.

A gun cleaning mat will protect the firearm and work surfaces from scratches. And items like a solvent dispenser can minimize messes.

2. Disassemble According to Your Manufacturer’s Instructions

Read your gun owner’s manual for essential information about cleaning your gun. The manual will explain the correct method, necessary tools, and how far you can disassemble the weapon.

Knowing your manufacturer’s recommendations will help you clean more thoroughly. You can remove and clean small parts without bending or breaking them. Once you’ve finished cleaning and lubricating your gun, refer to the owner’s manual for reassembly.

3. Clean the Barrel With the Right Brushes

Clean your handgun with the right brushes to improve performance and safety. Use the gentlest supplies and techniques to thoroughly clean the barrel; firearm cleaning brushes are made with cotton, nylon, phosphor bronze, or stainless steel.

The hardness of the brush material and how it reacts with solvents will determine its best use. For example, cotton brushes carry solvents and lubricant into the bore and chamber. Nylon is great for lighter cleaning jobs, whereas stainless steel is meant for the toughest.

You can also consider the type of solvent you’re using before choosing a brush. Solvents can damage brushes made with unsuitable materials. Know the uses for your brushes and your solvent manufacturer’s recommendations for the best results.

4. Lubricate the Barrel and the Action

you must apply lubricant to reduce friction between moving parts and improve performance. After cleaning the barrel, lubricate it with a cotton mop attachment. Run the mop through the bore to lightly coat it with gun conditioner or lubricant.

After cleaning the action, wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Then, lubricate the moving parts to prevent rust. Just like with the bore, apply a light coating.

5. Clean the Gun Exterior and Holster

Don’t forget to clean the exterior of the gun and the holster. Doing this will protect your weapon and help it look its best.

Wipe the gun with a luster cloth, a soft cloth pre-treated with silicone lubricant. The material will remove debris and acidic fingerprints; it will also give your weapon a nice shine.

Buildup in your holster can affect the way it fits your firearm. Clean your holster every three to six months, depending on your usage. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.

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