May 05, 2022

There are some misconceptions about concealed carry tactical backpacks. Concealed carry backpacks can sometimes be frowned upon because they don’t hold the firearm close to the body. Although this is a factual truth, there are many benefits to a concealed carry backpack that you should consider. Read five reasons to get a concealed carry tactical backpack.

Additional Safety

An important benefit to a concealed carry tactical backpack is the additional safety it can offer you. Some of these backpacks incorporate a carry bag or pouch for body armor. Purposeful design in these backpacks means they can fit a plate-sized panel of armor. It’s up to your discretion if you’d like to use a rifle plate or soft plate. Keep in mind that a rifle plate is quite heavy, however, it may protect you from powerful rifle. On the other hand, a soft panel is light, flexible, and can protect you from handgun threats. A soft armor rated for level IIIA will likely protect you from 357 and 44 Magnum. Backpacks with inserts for plates can usually fit a standard 10x12 inch soft plate, or a larger 11x14 square inch plate. In the event of a crisis, you can sling these bags in front of you to provide protection from flying bullets. Meanwhile, your medical gear and firearm will be just a few zips away. As such, a low-profile bag will prove to be a valuable addition to any concealed carrier’s daily equipment.


The beauty of a tactical backpack is the versatility you can choose between. Several different options of style bag include, but are not limited to backpacks, sling packs, or messenger bags. A backpack is ideal for carrying heavy belongings and firearms. Bug-out bags and get-home bags can be carried farther with more comfort, despite carrying a heavier load. This is because of two straps on the pack helps to spread the weight evenly on the back. For a lighter pack, consider a sling bag, messenger-style bag, or purse for concealed carry. Although these carriers don’t carry a heavy load, they can still hold a lighter concealed carry throughout the day with you. Sliding them over one shoulder can happen quickly and with ease. This slinging motion means you can bring your firearm to the front of your body quickly. You can access your firearm without taking your bag off of your body. In fact, some of these are made so you can reach your firearm and shoot through the bag itself. This offers solid, quick protection you can trust.


A CCW backpack provides functionality that should not be overlooked. When you conceal carry within a holster, you have to have a lockbox within your vehicle to place the firearm in. Not everywhere will allow you to carry your firearm. This is why it’s crucial to have a safe way to keep in your vehicle. With a backpack, you may not need to invest in a lockbox. A firearm will be safely secured and hidden from site within the bag itself. Simply place the bag within the car or truck and take what you need to continue your adventure, such as your wallet and keys. If you are an avid hiker, and have double-checked park concealed carry laws, then a backpack for hiking is a great idea. It’s difficult to hike with your firearm close to your body. From vigorous motion to sweat, it can be uncomfortable to have a holster tight to your body amidst hiking. In addition to this, a backpack allows you to carry more ammunition and overall arsenal with you. Several backpacks give you the capability to carry more than one type of gun. Outside of concealed carry, this can be useful to safely bring your guns to the gun range. In terms of concealed carry, being able to carry more ammunition can give you peace of mind. In the event of a crisis, you never know how many rounds you might need to use. Prepare to bring more than too little just in case.

Clothing Limits

Concealed carry clothing must be planned and purchased. It can be costly to invest in apparel that you can carry and clear well with. You don’t want to carry with your average, every-day clothes. It’s crucial you have specific apparel made for concealed carry. This means you need different clothing for different seasons that accommodate your firearm. In addition, it’s expected that you practice drawing and clearing your clothes. This can take quite a bit of time and money. Instead, a concealed carry backpack is a one-time purchase that works for all seasons. After you practice clearing your backpack, you’ll be set. You won’t have to practice clearing as often like you would with different clothing. Without clothing limits, you’ll enjoy the saved money and time when you invest in a concealed carry backpack.

Respecting Others

A primary focus of concealed carry should be to provide safety to yourself and other in times of crisis. In your efforts, you should attempt to be discrete with your concealed carry firearm. If others are aware that you have a weapon, they may see you as an immediate threat. This can be off-putting and daunting to others around you. With a backpack, you won’t have to work to hide your concealed carry as well. Through the provided pouches in the pack, you won’t find yourself asking if it’s hidden from the public eye. You can have confidence that it’s concealed safely and discretely. If you carry close to your body, you may find yourself questioning if your concealed carry is showing. It can get tiresome to constantly hide that you are carrying. With a backpack, this though process will be subdued.

Don’t let misconceptions about concealed carry tactical backpacks prevent you from making an investment in one. Keep these five reasons to get a concealed carry tactical backpack in mind. These backpacks not only provide you with additional safety, but their versatility and functionality also make them a great choice for concealed carry. Enjoy the freedom from clothing restrictions and peace of mind that you’re respecting others’ boundaries when you use a tactical backpack to conceal carry.

5 Reasons To Get a Concealed Carry Tactical Backpack

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