March 21, 2023

Your concealed carry holster is a tried-and-true component of your everyday carry setup. A new CCW holster can improve your defense preparedness. Learn more about the five signs it’s time to replace your CCW holster.

1. Bulky Design

A concealed carry holster doesn’t just hold your gun; it also keeps your firearm hidden away. If your holster adds bulk and lets everyone know you’re carrying, it’s not an effective concealed carry holster.

Discreet design helps you avoid unwanted attention. Replace a bulky holster with a low-profile option, such as an IWB, pocket, ankle, or bellyband holster.

2. Worn Material

With the right care, a quality holster will last a long time. But with everyday use, your equipment is bound to experience some wear; pockets, belt clips, reinforcement panels, and other parts can become misshapen over time. Replacing your equipment will ensure your holster keeps your weapon safely secure.

3. Rough Draw

Another sign it’s time to replace your CCW holster is that you can’t draw your firearm smoothly. The more time you spend trying to draw your gun, the less efficient your response to a threat is. Your draw speed can be compromised by worn-out equipment or components that impede a fast draw. Replace your current holster with a new holster that facilitates smooth presentation.

4. Physical Discomfort

You need a holster that feels comfortable enough for practical everyday use. Some common types of physical discomfort while wearing a holster include:

  • Rubbing or aggravating the skin
  • Pulling at skin
  • Pinching
  • Poking or prodding

An uncomfortable holster can limit your range of motion. Equip yourself with a quality holster that fits you and your gun correctly. The holster’s size, material, and compartments will affect how it sits on your body.

5. Carry Position

Your optimal carry position depends on your daily activities, the purpose for carrying, and your physical characteristics. Sometimes, a single carry position or style won’t work for your lifestyle. You might want a new position depending on how you spend your time—whether the majority of your day is spent sitting or standing—and your current carry setup is not optimized for the change.

Alternatively, you might want to add a new CCW holster to your equipment lineup for certain occasions. If you’re going for a jog or want to hike during a camping trip, wear a holster that doesn’t impede your movement but keeps your gun close, such as a CCW runner’s waist pack that looks like an ordinary bag.

Elite Survival Systems offers a range of high-quality EDC holsters. We carry discreet CCW holsters, bags, and packs so you can confidently carry whatever you need. Shop with us today for a new CCW holster that feels and looks great.

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