January 26, 2023

Whether you’re in the military or a member of law enforcement, you want a tactical holster that secures your weapon and supports your work. The best holster for your needs depends on a variety of factors, including your firearm type and the circumstances for its use. Read on to find out five things to consider before choosing a tactical holster.

1. Holster Dimensions

The holster’s size is one factor that dictates the size of the weapon it can carry. Larger holsters can accommodate larger guns, but sometimes you don’t want the extra bulk. You do want a holster that will hold your gun and mounted accessories, such as laser sights, tactical lights, and optics.

Dimensions also influence how well the holster will fit you or your other gear. For example, our tactical belt holster will fit on belts up to 1.75 inches wide or 2.25 inches wide, depending on the belt slots you use.

2. Carry Position

Holster dimensions and carry position impact your comfort and mobility. Your preferred carry position depends on your gun, your body type, and which position you’ll be in when you draw the gun. For example, while belt holsters work well in many situations, you might prefer a chest holster when you know you will spend more time seated.

Elite Survival Systems offers tactical holsters for a variety of carry positions. Compare our durable holsters for mounting on your thigh, belt, and chest.

3. Space To Accommodate Accessories

Before you choose a tactical holster, consider which accessories you would like the equipment to hold. Pouches can hold spare magazines. Our Elite Tactical Belt Holster can fit standard pistols with or without an attached light, and you can easily adjust the holster for the right fit.

You can also opt for a MOLLE holster that attaches to your MOLLE system. While the holster itself might not have extra storage, it can easily fit onto the system with other gear.

4. Retention and Security

Holsters with retention features keep your gun securely in place and limit another person’s ability to take your gun from its holster. Thumb-break retention straps have a loop that encloses the rear of the pistol and won’t let the pistol free until you undo the snap. You can choose different types of retention devices, such as a quick-release strap over the grip.

5. Material

If you want a comfortable and quiet holster, get a nylon tactical holster. Nylon isn’t bulky, and the material resists abrasion, rot, mildew, and fading. Your nylon tactical holster will look great and help you keep your weapons in good condition.

When it comes to tactical gear, you should also consider the color of your holster. Black, olive, and tan options can help camouflage your holster.

Elite Survival Systems is proud to carry quality tactical holsters for sale. Our selection of holsters includes a variety of styles and colors for your comfort, needs, and safety. Shop with us today.

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