March 17, 2022

If your concealed carry holster doesn’t meet your needs, consider these five useful accessories for concealed carry holsters. Don’t endure discomfort longer than you need to. Invest in holster accessories and enjoy more comfort as well as more functionality.

1. Gun Belt

A gun belt can be very specific to user preferences. Keep in mind that an effective concealed carry gun belt should be stiff. It should hold its shape even when it is not on you. Thicker rather than thinner gun belts tend to hold your concealed carry tighter to the body. Ensure your belt fills the slots designed in your holster. If there is extra room between the holster and the belt, your firearm will not be as secure as possible. You may also want to consider a low-profile hook and loop fastener belt. These are great for functional and comfortable belts.

2. Holster Claw

A holster claw or wing is a holster attachment well worth an investment. It presses on the inside of the belt so that your concealed carry fits closer to your body. Adjustable length, angles, and pads will give you versatility based on what you carry and wear. Keep in mind that this may affect your comfort if your firearm sits at an appendix position. Depending on your size, consider your comfort and if a holster claw works best for you and your firearm’s position. An added benefit to a claw is that it will protect your clothing from indents.

3. Magazine Carrier

Find a magazine carrier that offers maximum concealment, comfort, protection, and durability. A single-stack universal mag carrier should fit all single stack magazines in all calibers, such as the 9 mm, .40 S&W, .380 acp, and .45 acp. A double-stack mag carrier should fit all double stack 9 mm/.40 magazines. Interested in a new holster and magazine design? Check out this modular hinge system that will allow your holster and preferred attachment to flex as you move. In turn, you’ll have maximum comfort and concealability.

4. Flashlights and Knives

A tactical flashlight or laser sight may be an important accessory for your concealed carry. Attach one to your firearm’s rail, trigger guard, or grip. Have confidence next time you are in a dark environment. Keep in mind that, for an appropriate fit, you may need to purchase a new holster for your gun. Do you want to carry your knife as well as your concealed carry? A knife sheath may be a great choice for you. Check out belt attachments and holster clips that will carry your knife. This may make you more comfortable than you would be keeping your knife in your pocket.

5. Customize

Consider a holster with Kydex to add rigidity. From your favorite color and patterns to the texture, customize your concealed carry holster for an added personal touch. Ensure that your custom design has adjustable tension, a sweat guard, and will securely hold to your belt.

Enjoy the benefits of these five useful accessories for concealed carry holsters. Discover what fits your firearm and body type best. Durability, safety, and comfortability are worth the investment. Also, if you are interested in a tactical backpack with a holster, check out the options on our website.

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