September 16, 2022

When choosing your concealed carry position, the best option depends on your firearm, your body, and your lifestyle. You want to balance comfort, access to your weapon, and concealment as you consider holster positions. Let’s explore five ways to wear your concealed carry holster.

1. Appendix Carry (AIWB)

With appendix carry inside the waistband (AIWB), you place your firearm just to the right or left of your belt buckle, at one o’clock or eleven o’clock. This keeps your firearm accessible for a quick draw, and you can draw your firearm discreetly without telegraphing your movement as much as in other positions.

However, AIWB carry can cause discomfort from the holster digging into your stomach, especially when you bend at the waist. Or, the gun might put pressure on your groin or upper thigh area.

2. Strong Side (IWB and OWB)

Another way to wear your concealed carry holster is strong side inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB). The strong side IWB carry is in the three or four o’clock position if you’re right-handed, eight or nine for lefties, with the holster inside your waistband. This is the most comfortable position for many body types, and you can use a natural draw motion to retrieve your gun.

With strong side IWB carry, your weapon’s outline might become visible under your shirt whenever you bend at the waist. And when you’re seated, it will take you longer to draw your weapon.

Strong side OWB carry is the same, but outside the waistband. This carry position is very comfortable because the weapon isn’t between your skin and clothing. If you’re going to conceal your OWB carry, you’ll need to pay more attention to your clothes. This option generally works best when you’re wearing outerwear, such as a jacket or coat, or a loose-fitting sweatshirt that covers the holster.

3. Pocket Carry

Pocket carry combines convenience and comfort. The pocket holster secures your weapon in your pocket, and non-slip material ensures the holster stays in place when you draw. If you’re concerned about printing the outline of your weapon, you might like to try a pocket holster since this option offers excellent concealment.

Elite Survival System’s Pocket Holster keeps your firearm in the upright position and protects your weapon from other items in your pocket. The ambidextrous design makes it a great choice no matter your dominant hand.

Our Mainstay Clipless Holster is a lightweight holster made with water-resistant material. The design of the Mainstay Holster makes it a great option for IWB or pocket carry positions.

4. Small of Back (SOB)

When your holster is placed at the five to six o’clock position, or six to seven o’clock for left-handed people, this is small of back carry. It’s generally easy to conceal your weapon in this position as it fits into the natural curve of your back. And for the same reason, it’s comfortable to carry SOB, too.

However, you have to put yourself in an awkward draw position to access your gun, and you’ll be more vulnerable as you reach behind your back. If someone pushes you against a wall or onto the ground, you’ll find it almost impossible to draw your firearm.

5. Ankle

With ankle carry, you wear your holster around the ankle, keeping the gun on the inner side of your non-dominant leg. It’s easy to conceal your weapon under your pant leg. And if you spend most of your time in a seated position, you might prefer this carry option.

If you’re standing and need to draw your gun from an ankle holster, you can bend on your dominant knee to draw. But kneeling or bending can put you in a vulnerable position.

Elite Survival Systems carries nylon concealed carry holsters that keep your gun secure in your preferred carry position. Check out our selection of durable holsters that provide a comfortable fit for everyday carry.

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