July 26, 2022

While there are several factors that influence how discreetly you can carry your firearm on your person, you’ve got to focus on the design of the bag when it comes to carrying your weapon in a case. The inconspicuous style of a well-designed discreet firearm case lets you easily transport your firearm.

Learn how to choose the right bag for your weapon so that you can carry comfortably and safely while blending in. Read this quick guide to the best discreet firearm cases to learn more.

Size and Compartments

Of course, one of the top considerations for a firearm case is its size. When looking at the dimensions of discreet carry cases, think about the size of your weapon, the number of weapons you want to carry, and the other items you want the bag to accommodate. Properly using the bag and its compartments will keep your firearms clean and safe inside the case.

Smart design means you won’t need excess space to stay organized. For example, our Four Gun Pistol Pack Range Bag measures 15” x 11” x 5”. This compact bag contains two compartments that each carry two handguns. Additionally, you can adjust the elastic straps and loops to keep supplies, magazines, ammo, and other accessories organized.

Carrying Style

The next factor to consider in our guide to the best discreet firearm cases is your preferred carrying style. You can choose between carrying a backpack, carrying a bag on one shoulder or across your body, or using a rolling bag. Of course, you can also carry these bags by their hand grips.

The ENVOY Messenger Bag compartmentalizes your everyday gear and can fit a 15” laptop, notebook, or tablet. Sling the messenger bag over your shoulder and carry your weapon discreetly. In contrast, the M4 Rolling Rifle Bag is a heavy-duty case that can hold two M4 rifles and a ton of gear. The wheels make it easy for law enforcement and military members to easily maneuver and transport their weapons.


Finally, choose a bag that’s durable enough that you can rely on it to keep you and others safe while transporting your weapon. The bag’s material and design influence its durability. We use heavy-duty zippers and hardware so that you don’t have to treat the bag delicately or worry about damaging these parts through regular use.

When looking through Elite Survival System’s selection of discreet cases, you’ll find many of the product descriptions feature the term “1000 denier nylon construction.” A denier is a unit of fabric density. The extreme durability of 1000D Nylon makes these bags especially resistant to fading, abrasion, rot, and mildew, allowing you to always carry your firearm in a stylish and protective bag.

If you’re in the market for a discreet rifle case, shop from Elite Survival System’s selection of durable, high-quality gear bags. Whether you’re transporting one or multiple weapons, our well-designed cases keep your items organized and help you blend in. Check out our carrying cases today.

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