April 07, 2023

You train with your concealed carry weapon (CCW) to defend yourself and others in an emergency. But even if you use your gun successfully to stop an attack, you can face significant legal challenges in the aftermath.

If you carry a concealed weapon, CCW insurance coverage can play a key role in your legal self-defense. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about CCW insurance.

CCW Insurance Basics

With CCW insurance, you typically pay monthly for coverage. In return, your insurance grants you access to a civil or criminal defense attorney if you need representation for lawful self-defense involving your firearm or another legal weapon.

The base coverage rate and the fees for optional additional coverage determine your monthly rate. Expanded coverage can address issues such as identity theft, bail bonds, multi-state protection, legal assistance for hunters and anglers, and coverage for family members.

Currently, no states in the US make CCW insurance a legal requirement. But coverage is a prudent form of protection that can help you and your loved ones. Self-defense encounters can involve weapons other than guns, and self-defense insurance policies sometimes cover other legal weapons, such as knives, sprays, and common items like pans.

Various Benefits Your Plan May Provide

Cost and value are at the forefront of most people’s minds when they shop around for CCW insurance. Take a look at some common benefits you should consider when selecting your coverage.

Criminal Liability Coverage

Criminal defense attorney and trial fees can cost a lot of money, but concealed carry insurance gives you emergency access to a criminal defense attorney. Some CCW insurance policies require you to use an in-network attorney, while others let you choose a lawyer outside of a specified network. Insurance also provides funds to pay for the expenses of experts and trial expenses if you’re charged with a crime after defending yourself or others.

Civil Liability Coverage

Even if you shoot in self-defense, you can be sued in a civil liability case. If you lose a civil trial, civil liability coverage will pay the amount you owe up to the coverage limit. Your policy can cover all your civil defense attorney fees and all or a portion of the judgment amount. Some of the less costly insurance options do not cover civil liability, but they will cover the cost of the trial.

Monetary Compensation

As your court case goes on, you could lose a significant amount of your income. Some insurance plans offer compensation for lost wages. Monetary compensation helps relieve financial strain for you and your household, particularly during lengthy cases.

Bail Bonds Coverage

Most jurisdictions use a schedule to determine the bail amount that should be set. Judges can also consider external circumstances when setting bail, such as your legal history. Having an insurance policy that provides you with bail bonds coverage can make a stressful situation a little easier.

Expert Witness Fees

An expert witness is someone with special education, knowledge, or proficiency in a field or discipline that may be relevant to your case. An expert witness’s trial testimony can include explanations, clarifications, and professional opinions. The judge or jury uses their information to help decide on your case. Check to see what coverage limits your insurance plan has regarding expert witness fees.

Private Investigator Fees

Some CCW insurance policies offer coverage for private investigator fees. Private investigators can obtain documentation, locate and interview witnesses, and gather information relevant to your case. Like an expert witness, a private investigator can improve your outcomes.

Insurance Exclusions

It’s important to know what your plan covers, but you should also know what it excludes. For example, you do not have coverage for committing a crime. If you’re convicted of a crime, payments from your insurance provider will cease. In some cases, though, your policy might immediately pay the necessary legal bills. If a judge or jury determines criminal guilt on your part, you may not have to return the funds to your provider. But you should research your particular policy to know for sure.

Accidents are another common exclusion. If you accidentally shoot someone, such as when hunting, your insurance plan will not protect you from the legal consequences. Do not assume insurance will cover unintentional discharge.

If you’re impaired on public or private property that is not your own at the time of your use of force incident, you may not have access to insurance services. Substances that alter judgment include alcohol, controlled substances, and prescribed medications. This restriction also covers locations where you violate laws or regulations regarding alcohol and drug use while possessing a firearm.

Members-Based Insurance vs. Group Legal Fund Coverage

CCW insurance is an excellent way to protect yourself during legal battles. If you are part of a membership-based enrollment organization, your group can provide you access to a self-defense insurance policy and other exclusive member-only benefits. A state-licensed insurance company underwrites the insurance, but your local or national organization administers the membership plan.

If you don’t want coverage through a gun rights organization, you can pay into a group legal fund instead. Group legal funds offer different types of protection than membership-based organizations, and insurance companies do not back their coverage. Instead, subscribers’ premiums are pooled to pay a closed network of lawyers. If you need an attorney, your representation will come from the group legal fund’s lawyer network.

Defense Against Legal Challenges

This essential information you need to know about CCW insurance empowers you to make the best decision for yourself and your loved ones. CCW insurance can provide peace of mind through financial protection if you need to defend yourself with your firearm lawfully.

No insurance plan offers unlimited coverage for every possibility, so knowing what your plan covers and excludes is important. Also, remember that your provider might give you payment upfront or as a reimbursement, so be sure to verify this detail when comparing what different companies provide.

Elite Survival Systems values your right to self-defense, and we’re proud to offer products that enhance your concealed carry methods. Shop with us today for high-quality concealed carry gear that keeps your firearm secure and close.

All You Need To Know About CCW Insurance

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