January 25, 2023

Carrying a concealed weapon gives you a sense of security in dangerous situations. If you’re interested in having a backup gun, you may want to know if you can carry more than one concealed weapon. Consider the following factors to find out whether you can use a discreet case to carry two firearms.

Follow Your State or Territory Laws

As with all considerations when it comes to ownership and use of firearms, state or territory laws will dictate whether you can carry more than one gun. Some jurisdictions have strict rules regarding the number of weapons you can carry, so you must know your state and regional limitations.

Beyond that, jurisdictions can also limit the type of gun you can carry, as well as the caliber. Even if you’re legally permitted to carry more than one weapon, you need to keep these limits in mind. For example, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia prohibit semiautomatic firearms.

Consider Design Features

Not only can you use a discreet case to carry two firearms, but a well-designed case helps you do so in comfort. If the pack can open flat thanks to seam-to-seam zippers, you’ll more easily access your weapons and accessories.

When it comes to carrying more than one rifle in a case, consider a heavy-duty rifle case. The padded shoulder strap and hand straps will make it easier for you to carry the case over your shoulder or in your hand. Meanwhile, padding in the case adds protection, and tie-downs keep your weapons from shifting.

Get an Accommodating Case

Finally, while you want to maintain an inconspicuous profile with your covert case, you also want to be able to carry all the rifle accessories you need. A well-designed bag will have an excellent internal layout that neatly stores all your items. Elite Survival Systems’s Summit Discreet Rifle Backpack has a low-profile, sporty look. Inside, it has enough space to carry a broken-down or short-barreled rifle and accessories. Customize the configuration of your accessories in the large accessory compartment thanks to the loop lining, and keep documents and small items out of the way in the front compartment.

Elite Survival Systems offers high-quality covert rifle bags for carrying two firearms. Whether you’re carrying handguns or rifles, our equipment will keep your guns secure and magazines and other accessories organized. Shop with us today for a discreet and reliable case.

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