March 01, 2022

So you want to bring a concealed carry firearm with you while you hike. Variables like state and federal laws, holster type, and types of handguns may influence your decision. Before choosing to bring it with you, consider these three things you need to know about concealed carry while hiking.

Can You Carry While Hiking?

Whether you can carry or not depends on where you are hiking and jurisdiction. National parks, for example, usually follow the state’s laws regarding conceal and carry. It’s crucial to take the time to research state and federal laws before bringing concealed carry with you.

States like Montana, Nevada, Indiana, and Idaho are examples of a few states that will allow concealed carry while hiking, although each has underlying rules and regulations. In contrast, New York, Maryland, and Connecticut are a few states that will not allow concealed carry in their parks.

How To Carry While Hiking

There are several different options to choose from for how to carry your firearm. A chest holster is a great option to consider. With the gun secured tightly to your chest, backpack straps and daily movements are least likely to interfere with your firearm.

Drop leg holsters are a second option to think about. They secure the firearm to your leg and keep it out of sight. One downside is that you may need to readjust this holster frequently. The more you move, the more the holster will slip and slide.

If you prefer to keep the firearm close to you but not directly on you, you may want to investigate a proper concealed carry backpack. Without the gun attached to you, it will be more difficult to access quickly in times of need. However, a backpack is a great option if comfort is a high priority. Check out a CCW backpack that will fit what you’re looking for.

Handguns To Carry While Hiking

If you are worried about size and functionality, a few options include but are not limited to a Glock 26 9mm double-stack pistol and a SIG 320 Compact 9mm double-stack pistol. If you think you’ll encounter large wildlife while hiking, you may want to consider a larger caliber firearm. The Smith and Wesson 686 and Ruger Redhawk will pack a punch. From bears to mountain lions, this kind of firearm will slow down a threat to ensure your safety.

The decision to bring a handgun with you while hiking may be personal. Whether it’s to protect or hunt, you shouldn’t take the decision lightly. Remember these three things you need to know before bringing a concealed carry on a hike.

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