September 20, 2022

Members of the military and police mainly use tactical holsters. During tactical exercises, these holsters hold the secondary weapon. If you can no longer use your primary weapon, you’ll draw your secondary weapon.

While facilitating a speedy draw isn’t the primary purpose of a tactical holster, aspects of the holster’s design can help you draw faster. Let’s explore how tactical holsters help you draw your firearm faster.

High Accessibility

Tactical holsters keep your secondary weapon accessible, which is one of the most significant ways they facilitate a faster draw. In general, a tactical holster is on your thigh. So, when you leave your arm in a relaxed position by your side, the gun is at your hand’s level.

This carry position doesn’t require you to contort or reach far to draw your firearm. You’ll appreciate having your weapon at your fingertips in a high-stakes situation.

Optimal Wrist Positioning

Another way that tactical holsters help you draw your firearm faster is by optimally positioning your wrist for the draw. One of the most important factors influencing your draw speed is your hand position as you pull out your gun.

A properly placed thigh holster makes it easy to draw your pistol with your wrist in a straight position. Your wrist shouldn’t be tilted forward, backward, or to either side. Once you have your pistol out in front of you, a straight wrist will save time as you aim. And maintaining a firm grip will help you manage recoil.

Keep Your Belt Clear

In a tactical operation, you’ll need to carry many items, including communications devices, mag pouches, an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) pouch, and more. You can clear up space on your belt by putting your secondary weapon in your thigh holster. And when you need to access your gun, having it separate from your other supplies can make it faster and easier for you to draw.

When it comes to tactical gear, trust Elite Survival Systems for your tactical gun holster. Our holsters keep your gun secure and in place, helping you to move freely with your firearm. Check out our selection of holsters today.

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