January 29, 2023

Keeping thoughtful everyday carry (EDC) items on your person maximizes preparedness and utility. You’ll find these items useful in both ordinary situations and infrequent occurrences—read on to learn which EDC items go with your concealed carry firearm.

Cell Phone

Most people carry their cell phones with them just about everywhere. But when it comes to thinking about cell phones as part of everyday carry, focus on the utility of cell phones to avoid or minimize harm and mishaps.

Your phone’s no good to you if the battery is drained, so remember to keep it charged—some days, this might mean having to carry a charger. Avoid letting the phone become a distraction to preserve the phone’s battery and heighten your situational awareness.

Ankle Wallet With Holster

Carry cards, cash, your ID, and your handgun with an ankle wallet with holster. The clever design of Elite Survivals Systems’ Hide-Away Ankle Wallet With Holster makes it easy for you to comfortably keep these staples of EDC on your person.

Even though it has an unobtrusive design, the ankle wallet holster contains 11 storage compartments. Customize what you carry in 3 hook and loop compartments. Use the 2 zippered compartments to secure small items. Carry your passport in the passport holder and use the remaining pockets for easy-access items.

Magazine Pouches

Carry extra magazines with you in magazine pouches. Well-designed pouches increase the ease and convenience of carrying.

Elite Survival Systems’ Hook and Loop Magazine Pouches have a hook and loop closure, and you can choose the right triple mag pouch configuration for your firearm. The popular 223/308 mag pouch has a hook backing that attaches to loop panels in your favorite bags and cases.

Multi-Tool or Pocketknife

The next EDC item to go with your concealed carry firearm is a multi-tool or pocketknife. Some people opt to carry both; however, before carrying any blades around, know your state’s restrictions on dimensions and where you can carry.

A multi-tool usually contains a nail file, folding scissors, tweezers, and knife blade. You might carry it in a wallet, on a keyring, or in your pocket.

While you can use multi-tools for various tasks, a pocketknife is best for slicing and cutting. If you ever need to slice through a seat belt or cut some meat, you’d rather have a pocketknife than a multi-tool.


Carry a flashlight with you to avoid having trouble in the dark. If your car breaks down or you get a flat in low light conditions, the flashlight will make it much easier for you to assess and address the problem.

If you get into a bad situation, you can use the flashlight to signal for help and draw attention to yourself. A flashlight could also come in handy for self-defense because it will help you gain awareness of your surroundings and identify strangers in the dark.

Those in the concealed carry community recognize the value of preparation. Secure your weapon and carry discreetly with a concealed carry holster from Elite Survival Systems. Shop with us today.

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