September 16, 2022

If you’re a gun owner who practices open or concealed carry, you’re already familiar with the laws for carrying handguns in your area. But if you want to carry a long gun, such as a shotgun or rifle, you might need to follow different regulations. Read on to find out whether it’s legal to carry long guns in a discreet case.

Possible Types of Regulations

Different states have different regulations regarding concealed and open carry. The common topics that gun carry laws address include:

  • Whether you must notify law enforcement if you have a concealed carry weapons license while you carry a gun.
  • Whether you need a permit to carry your firearm in your vehicle.
  • Whether firearms are allowed in your vehicle on a college campus or on school grounds.
  • Whether you can carry your gun into establishments such as restaurants, and what restrictions apply.
  • Whether open carry is legal and if there are restrictions on long guns.

In some cases, certain gun control policies target different demographics. For example, some states deny persons with violent misdemeanor convictions the right to conceal carry. After a violent offense, New York denies carry indefinitely, whereas Texas denies carry for five years.

Regional Laws To Know and Follow

In many states, it’s legal to carry long guns in a discreet case if you are legally allowed to carry a handgun. Ensure you are an individual permitted to carry, know where you can carry, and understand how you must store your firearm. In some states, laws regarding long guns differ from those for handguns. For example, in Colorado, you may keep your handgun loaded, but you must keep rifles and shotguns unloaded.

Discreet Long Gun Case Styles

Carrying your long gun in a discreet case helps you achieve a lower profile and avoid unwanted attention. It also makes it easy for you to transport your firearm and supplies efficiently.

Carry your weapon over your back in a discreet rifle backpack. Or consider using a heavy-duty rolling bag for easy maneuverability as you carry two rifles and gear. For a bullpup rifle, you might appreciate a sleek case.

If you’re in the market for a covert rifle bag, check out the selection at Elite Survival. Our discreet bags are made with heavy-duty nylon and durable zippers and hardware. Find your discreet long gun bag today.

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