October 10, 2022

Ankle holsters keep your weapon on the inside edge of your nondominant leg. Some gun owners prefer this holster position as a secondary carry method, and some even prefer it for their primary carry method. To learn if an ankle holster is right for you, find out just how practical concealed ankle holsters are.

1. Drawing From an Ankle Holster

As with any holster positioning, the location of the ankle holster determines how you can best access your weapon. If you spend most of your time seated, you can appreciate how easy it is to draw from the ankle holster. And if you’re attacked and pushed to the ground, you might be able to use access your ankle holster more readily than a holster along your waistband.

If you’re not seated and need to draw from your holster, you can kneel to draw your weapon. Since your gun is on the inside edge of your nondominant leg, keep your nondominant leg forward. Raise your pant leg, and once it clears the holster, grip your gun, and start drawing.

Alternatively, you can draw while standing. You’ll need to have greater flexibility and balance as you raise your support leg up to your waist to retrieve your gun.

2. Ease of Concealment

One of the most practical aspects of a concealed ankle holster is that this is one of the best options for discreet carry. The right pair of pants can make it almost effortless to hide your firearm. And you won’t have to worry about printing.

Wear long pants with baggy or flared legs. This style will conceal your weapon when you stand, walk, and sit. And looser pant legs will make it easier for you to uncover your holster and draw.

3. Consider the Circumstance

While you might prefer carrying at another position in most circumstances, unique situations might make the ankle holster more attractive to you. If you like to carry a secondary weapon, an ankle holster makes it easy for you to do so. Keeping your secondary weapon in another location frees up space along your waistband and potentially gives you the upper hand over unsuspecting attackers.

You might prefer using the ankle holster for different occasions. If you’re attending a formal event, it’s easy to carry using an ankle holster. You won’t have to add more room along your waist during tailoring or ensure that your coat stays over your concealed weapon. Instead, simply choose the right pant legs to stay concealed.

Elite Survival System’s collection of hidden gun holsters includes durable, comfortable ankle holsters. The Hide-Away Security Wallet can carry a lightweight micro-pistol and has eleven storage compartments for your convenience. Shop our selection today.

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