September 15, 2022

While on-body carry is the first choice for most people in many situations, at times, you might want to take the opportunity to use a concealed carry (CCW) backpack. Safely using a concealed carry backpack requires you to stay vigilant and treat the bag as a holster rather than an ordinary bag. Find out what to consider to safely use a concealed carry backpack.

1. Durable Construction

For both cost and safety reasons, you want a durably constructed CCW backpack. A backpack made from high-quality materials and the proper manufacturing techniques will keep your firearm, accessories, and other items secure.

When considering a CCW backpack, look at the fabric it uses. High-denier nylon is durable with fibers woven densely together. A concealed carry backpack made with 500D or 1000D nylon will meet your everyday carry durability needs.

Check out the bag’s seams to ensure it’s held together with quality stitching. Heavy-duty zippers and zipper pulls mean you won’t have to fumble around when you need to open the bag.

2. Discreet Design

Another top consideration when assessing how safe it is to use a concealed carry backpack is its design. A key to successful concealed carry is not broadcasting that you have a firearm with you. If your backpack looks like it carries a weapon, this can invite all kinds of trouble and bring negative attention you should try to avoid.

So, opt for a concealed carry backpack that has a discreet design. The bag should make it possible for you to blend into your surroundings.

With on-body carry, you conceal your weapon by selecting the right holster and carry position. Then you must make sure your weapon isn’t printing through your clothes. A benefit of a CCW backpack is that the added space allows you to carry additional items while maintaining concealment more easily than with on-body carry.

3. Smart Organization

A third point to consider is the backpack’s organization. The organizational capabilities of the bag influence how much you can carry and how well you can access your weapon. If you want the backpack for a short excursion, you might not need to carry so many things. But if you are going for a long trek, you’ll probably expect your bag to carry and organize more.

Laser-cut MOLLE panels make it easy for you to secure modular pouches to your bag. Compression straps keep your items secure. Some backpacks made for hikes also include tie-down straps for carrying a sleeping bag or other items underneath the bag.

On the other hand, if you want to carry a laptop or tablet, choose a backpack with a dedicated compartment for your tech gear. This will protect your belongings, keep them secure, and enable you to efficiently access your gun and other items whenever you want them.

4. Comfort

When it comes to a CCW backpack, comfort isn’t an optional feature. You need to wear a comfortable backpack because that makes it more likely that you’ll wear your backpack consistently.

The primary safety concern with off-body carry is that it’s easier to separate the gun owner from their weapon than on-body carry. Your gun is your responsibility, and not maintaining control of your gun can lead to tragedy.

Pay attention to the features that make the backpack comfortable. Adjustable padded shoulder straps evenly distribute the weight on your shoulders. The shoulder straps shouldn’t pinch or slide off your shoulders.

The bag’s back panel can reduce the strain on your back and keep your bag stable. You shouldn’t need to shift your backpack around for comfort.

5. Optional Armor Insert

Another optional feature that can influence the safety of wearing your CCW backpack is the armor insert. A lightweight armor insert won’t make the backpack feel uncomfortable. Check to see what level of protection the insert can provide you to determine if this option is right for you.

Place the insert in a backpack of the correct size. Know the ballistic performance warranty period and replace it if you need to.

Adding the armor insert to your CCW backpack means you don’t just carry your firearm discreetly; you also carry protection. This can be a practical and life-saving feature for your backpack carry.

6. Drawing and Holstering Your Firearm

As with all carrying positions, practice drawing your firearm from your CCW backpack and holstering it. Improving your efficiency means you can improve the safety and speed of drawing your gun in an emergency.

Whereas many people can smoothly draw their firearm from their waistband holster, retrieving your firearm from the backpack will take a few more steps. Depending on where the gun is positioned in your bag, you might need to swing your backpack entirely in front of you before you can draw it out.

You can practice drawing and holstering at home. But if you want to practice beyond dryfiring, it’s a good idea to ask a range near you if they allow drawing from a CCW backpack. If so, practice your moves there.

7. Your Mindset

Just how safe is a concealed carry backpack? No matter how great the equipment, it’s not safe unless you’re safe. Having the right mindset while using a CCW backpack takes work.

Avoid handling the bag like it’s an everyday bag, and treat it respectfully as a holster. Keep your bag on your body as much as possible, and never leave it behind. If you take your bag off your body, keep it close to you and under your supervision. If you put your backpack down and walk away, it can be grabbed by anyone, from a thief to an innocent child.

If someone steals your bag, they might use your gun to commit more crimes or attack you. Or you might get pulled into a dangerous altercation to retrieve your weapon. So, have the right mindset with your CCW backpack and treat it as an important component of concealed carry rather than a bag.

Select a Backpack From Elite Survival Systems

Elite Survival Systems carries an excellent selection of CCW backpacks. Whether in a crowded or isolated location, wear a tactical backpack with holster to keep your weapon close. Find the right concealed carry backpack today.

Just How Safe Is a Concealed Carry Backpack?

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