December 10, 2021

When you invest in a holster for your gun, you want something that will reliably carry your firearm while staying comfortable and clean after hours and days of use. Here is how to decide between nylon or Kydex tactical holsters.

How Will You Wear It?

You must wear the holster you buy, so anticipate how you will wear it on your body. Do you prefer inside- or outside-the-waistband? Will you wear it under your shoulder or across your body? What about at your ankle or at the small of your back? There are dozens of carrying configurations to consider when choosing a tactical holster.

Kydex is a stiff and stable material that will hold your gun securely. However, it does tend to look and feel bulkier than nylon, making it challenging for wearers who prefer IWB carry. A nylon holster is softer and more comfortable for long hours of carrying. Furthermore, nylon is well-suited to concealment and attaches easily to tactical vests.

How Will You Use It?

The next question you must ask yourself is how you will use the tactical holster. Nylon is quite weather-resistant, making it a great year-round holster. While it’s essential to consider how your holster stands up against the elements, you should consider the situations where you’ll use the holster.

In some tactical situations, you may want to preserve your quietness. Kydex’s stiffer casing typically results in noisier draw strokes, while nylon is much softer and quieter. If the element of silence is key, you should opt for the smoother draw of nylon.

How Will You Clean It?

Holsters come with you everywhere you go. You clean the gun you carry and wash the pants the holster straps onto, so you should also clean your holster from time to time. Nylon is an easier fabric to clean due to its ability to soak up liquids and dry quickly. You are able to clean Kydex, but doing so requires a little more attention to detail.

Kydex may be sturdier, but nylon beats it out in response to each of these questions. If you must figure out how to decide between nylon or Kydex tactical holsters, remember these quick tidbits. Want to try out nylon for yourself? Explore our wide selection of nylon tactical holsters for sale at Elite Survival Systems today.

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