November 21, 2022

Shoulder holsters look cool, but are they pragmatic? Find out the pros and cons of using a shoulder firearm holster.

Pro: Capable of Carrying a Larger, Heavier Gun

Holster position is one thing that determines the size of the gun you can carry. A shoulder holster provides ample space for your gun and can handle weightier firearms. You won’t have to worry about the barrel poking you as you might with waistband carry.

This equipment can also make it easier for you to carry heftier firearms more comfortably. By balancing the weight of your ammo and firearm across your upper body, the holster can relieve pressure from your lower back.

Con: Can Be More Difficult To Conceal Than Waistband Carry

One potential negative of a shoulder holster is that it can be more difficult to conceal than waistband carry. Like with all concealment considerations, it depends on your circumstances.

In cool or cold weather, your jacket can easily conceal the holster. Just ensure the gun doesn’t become visible when you move, such as when you raise your arm.

Pro: Excellent Carry Position When You’re Seated

Another reason to use a shoulder holster is that it’s an excellent carry position if you’re drawing while seated. It’s a great carry holster position in other circumstances too, but if you spend a lot of your time seated, you know how challenging it can be to find the right holster.

When you’re seated, carrying on the waistband can be uncomfortable, and it’s challenging to draw your gun at all, much less conspicuously. And while ankle carry can help, ankle holsters are generally suitable for smaller guns and keep them far from your hands at most times.

Con: Trickier Draw

Every type of holster requires you to train yourself to learn how to draw efficiently and safely. With a shoulder firearm holster, you must practice regularly to make sure you can always draw safely.

Because of the location of the holster, you can easily end up pointing the muzzle at bystanders. Sweeping is why most gun ranges prohibit live-fire practice with a shoulder holster. You’ll likely have to practice drawing your unloaded firearm at home.

Pro: Carry Gun and Ammo in One System

Finally, a shoulder rig makes it more convenient for you to carry your gun and ammo together. The convenience factor can save time when you put on your carry equipment. This factor can increase the regularity of carrying a firearm for some people.

If, after reading the pros and cons of using a shoulder firearm holster, you decide to get one for yourself, Elite Survival Systems has you covered. We carry a high-quality selection of nylon concealed carry holsters, including shoulder holsters.

The double-sided harness includes a double magazine pouch, whereas the single-sided harness is perfect for carrying the firearm alone. Shop with us today for your shoulder holster.

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