March 28, 2023

A rifle case will help you carry your firearm for competitions, training, and hunting. Read our comparison of soft and hard weapon cases to find the option that’s right for you.

Soft Cases: Pros and Cons

Soft cases are quieter and more lightweight than hard cases, making them ideal for occasions like hunting trips. It's typically easier to carry a soft case, which makes it a good option for everyday use.

Soft cases provide lower impact resistance than hard cases. Guns can shift more easily during transportation in a soft case, but many cases feature adjustable tie-down straps that keep the weapon secure.

Foam padding and high-denier nylon enhance the structure and durability of soft cases. Closed cell foam padding prevents moisture absorption, protecting your gun from dampness in the form of oils and cleaning solutions.

Hard Cases: Pros and Cons

Hard cases have a hard outer shell and interior padding ideal for long-term storage and long-distance transportation. The hard gun case provides more impact protection for your firearm. Locks offer added security.

One of the cons of hard cases is that they're usually heavier and bulkier than soft ones, so they're more tiresome to carry. They're also louder to open and transport than soft cases.

Other Essential Considerations

You should also consider your needs in specific circumstances when deciding whether a soft or hard weapons case is right for you. For example, follow current gun transport laws when traveling with your firearm. As of August 24, 2002, the TSA gun transport requirements specify firearms should be carried in a locked, hard-sided container.

Of course, different soft and hard cases will have special features that can enhance their suitability. For example, MOLLE-compatible nylon cases let you attach magazines and accessories.

Elite Survival Systems provides low-profile holsters that improve the carry experience for gun owners. Our selection of discreet rifle cases features durable rifle bags, backpacks, and messenger bags. Shop today for heavy-duty equipment that protects and organizes your firearm and accessories.

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