June 15, 2022

Everyone has to start somewhere when they first begin to carry—just try not to hold yourself to unobtainable standards. Every day provides a new opportunity to learn something new in the concealed carry world, such as these best concealed carry tips for women.

Find Training Classes

Most concealed carry classes are gender-neutral. However, a local training center near you may offer women-specific classes. Call around to your local concealed carry classes to ask if they provide any women-only classes—this can be a fun event to do with your girlfriends if they’re interested as well. Of course, any class should exude a welcoming atmosphere for beginners, but it’s nice to join one filled with like-minded individuals. Remember to bring a notebook and pen, and be prepared to ask questions.

Purchase a Firearm

Everyone—gender aside—usually has a firearm preference. Larger service pistols have less recoil, but may not fit smaller hands. And while you might enjoy the accuracy of a larger service pistol, consider switching the grip out for a smaller one if possible. The best concealed carry tip for women is to find a firearm that you are comfortable with; ensure you pick a handgun that best suits your preferences and grip fit. Also, consider your apparel and how you plan to carry the firearm on your body.

Find a Proper Holster

Concealed carry is not as simple as putting your firearm in your purse and heading out the door. In fact, that kind of mindset is what lands people on the news for unfortunate reasons. With the right classes, your preferred firearm, and a proper holster, you’ll gain the correct technique. Just like for men, a good concealed carry holster should properly fit the gun you’re going to carry. It should have durable material that protects the trigger guard. A hidden gun holster should be comfortable, retain the pistol securely, and allow for a smooth draw. Be sure to practice drawing from your holster regularly in the security of your home.

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