February 02, 2023

A red dot sight projects a red LED light onto a lens. When you look through the lens, you see the red light’s reflection. This creates the illusion that the red dot is on your target, though only you can see it.

Find out whether you should mount a red dot sight on your firearm by considering the pros and cons of adding a sight to your CCW.

Pro: Speedy Target Acquisition

One of the key benefits of using a red dot sight on your firearm is that it helps you acquire your target faster. This is one reason it’s a popular optic used in tactical and competitive shooting environments. The faster you acquire your target, the sooner you can shoot with accuracy.

Simply equipping your gun with a red dot sight won’t make you an expert marksman. You’ll need to practice using the accessory, and you’ll need to keep your fundamental shooting skills sharp. But if you want to shorten your target acquisition time, consider adding a sight.

Con: Bulks Up Your CCW

Adding a red dot sight bulks up your weapon, which can potentially create a couple of issues. The larger the firearm, the trickier it can be to conceal and the more uncomfortable it can feel.

If you add a red dot sight, get a new holster that can secure your gun and keep you comfortable. The change in dimensions might prompt you to try new carry positions, too. An accommodating holster will prevent you from fiddling with your firearm to adjust it.

Pro: Shoot With Both Eyes Open

A red dot sight facilitates shooting with both eyes open. While many people shoot with one eye closed, keeping both eyes open offers many benefits.

You can improve your target transitions so you flow more easily from one target to the next. Keeping both eyes open increases situational awareness by widening your field of vision. Also, keeping both eyes open can help you maintain your balance when you move and reduce eye fatigue.

You don’t have to use a red dot sight to shoot with both eyes open. But when compared to other aiming devices, such as the iron sight, a red dot sight makes it easier to implement this practice.

Con: Price

You can spend several hundred dollars on the red dot sight, and then spend more to attach it. Though you can mount a sight directly to the slide of the pistol without modification, this is generally considered an inferior option to machining, or milling, the slide.

If you use a mounting plate rather than slide milling, you’ll have an extra item that can come loose. Not to mention, some people dislike the red dot sight sitting on the plate.

Comparing the pros and cons of adding a sight to your CCW can help you decide if you want to mount this accessory to your gun. Whatever you choose, it’s crucial to have the right holster for your CCW.

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