December 03, 2021

Concealed carry weapons are professional and private sidearms that are out of sight. That means you need an accessible and dependable way to store your gun within reach. Explore all the things to consider before buying a concealed carry holster.

Firearm Fitting

Though firearms fall into general categories like handguns, rifles, and shotguns, each piece has its own manufacturer specifications. Since all handguns have slightly varying dimensions, it’s important to have a holster that fits your firearm. At Elite Survival Systems, we’re proud to offer nylon concealed carry holster options that fit most handguns. Explore our durable, discreet holsters to find a fitting match.

Wearability and Comfort

Depending on how you use your concealed carry weapon, you could be wearing your sidearm all day long. To avoid chaffing and irritation, check out the wearability of a holster before buying. Does it look comfortable? Is there more than one style that could fit at your hip or across your body in different ways? Consider all the angles—literally—before purchasing.

Material Durability

Another critical aspect of a concealed carry holster is its durability. Because you’ll need to keep it hidden from view, you’ll likely have the holster tight against your body where it will encounter body heat, sweat and oil, and friction against clothes. You need a durable material for your holster that will hold up under various action and weather conditions for years to come. That’s why we use padded ballistic nylon to keep your firearm at your side.

Remember these things to consider before buying a concealed carry holster as you peruse the options online. Though you can only know the feel of a holster once you’ve worn it for a few days, you should do your due diligence when researching. If you have any questions about CCW holsters, our team at Elite Survival Systems is more than happy to answer them. Our experts can help you find the perfect holster that will fit your firearm.

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