January 13, 2022

Finding the ideal concealed carry setup requires practice. Thankfully, many different holsters exist to accommodate each firearm owner’s needs and preferences. Among these needs and preferences is concealing a gun during the winter.

Of course, when you’re wearing many layers in winter, drawing from your concealed carry holster isn’t as quick or convenient. If you’re running into this issue, you should try these tips to improve your winter concealed carry experience.

Reposition the Holster

The best way to avoid the frustration of drawing your gun while wearing bulky winter attire is by using a new holster. For example, pocket holsters provide a convenient way to efficiently slip your firearm in and out of your clothes. Additionally, shoulder holsters are helpful alternatives, as you can adjust the top of your jacket zipper to make reaching in and drawing your gun simple.

Luckily, browsing around for various holster models that fit your gun doesn’t always have to be a hassle. For instance, our tactical gear store has shoulder, pocket, ankle, and many more holsters. So you can find all you need in one place.

Buy Suitable Gloves

Given the low temperature, buying suitable gloves is one of the best tips to improve your winter concealed carry experience. Like the many holsters available, you can find a wide range of different gloves. So always use gloves that don’t hinder your ability to safely draw and fire in the winter.

Thick insulated gloves are typically tougher to accommodate, so practicing with them is critical. That said, if you’re running into too much resistance with thicker options, shop around for gloves that have a better balance of slimness and warmth. Of course, as we’ll delve into further below, practicing with any glove is a must.

Practice Consistently

Consistent practice is critical for any firearm owner, but it’s especially helpful when you must accommodate winter clothes. For instance, if you choose to don a shoulder holster in the winter, safely practicing beforehand is a simple way to see if it’s the most comfortable option for you.

Additionally, regular training is how you’ll learn to comfortably and accurately draw while wearing gloves. Now that you have these tips under your belt, you can start searching for the best wintertime attire and accessories for your concealed carry needs today.

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