May 20, 2022

Achieving your best carrying practices can be difficult in the summer months. With lighter clothing, it can be a problem trying to conceal your firearm. Additionally, overall gun security and comfort can be problematic. Read more about useful tips for concealed carry during the hot summer months. Have confidence in your firearms security while achieving maximum comfort.


Let’s just get right down to the nitty gritty, quite literally. Carrying in the summer can cause some uncomfortable chafing. So much so that this may be the sole reason some people don’t carry in the summer. Concealing a firearm under thin clothing means it needs to be as tight to the body as possible. Unfortunately, this can trap moisture from perspiration. Perspiration plus movement equals chafing. To prevent this, consider a belly band or IWB holster. These items, combined with the use of Gold Bond and Body Glide will help to lessen chafing. Of course, ensure you clean your holster regularly so that these oils don’t deteriorate the holster’s material(s).


Wicking fabrics can help you immensely in the summer months. Breathable, stretchy fabric will not only keep you cool but also keep your firearm concealed. Cotton fabrics will hold perspiration which, over time, can negatively impact your firearm. Consider wearing an inner and outer wicking layer. The inner will protect your skin from excessive contact and rubbing of the gun, while the outer will conceal the firearm.

Carry Off-Body

A third option to help carry in the summer months is to carry off-body. Those that carry off-body may experience some opposition for how they choose to carry. However, many people end up not carrying at all when they experience the uncomfortable fit of carrying in the summer. There’s no shame in following this tip for concealed carry during summer. Carrying off-body allows you to exercise your Second Amendment right while staying comfortable.

Whether you choose to use a holster or backpack to carry in the summer time, invest in proper concealed carry equipment from Elite Survival Systems to ensure you have the highest quality equipment to keep your firearm safe and secure.

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