September 16, 2022

An increasingly popular option for everyday concealed carry equipment is the tactical fanny pack. Even if you typically carry on your body, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of a tactical pack. Find out the purpose a tactical fanny pack for CCW serves and consider this option for yourself.

It’s Comfortable To Wear

One of the top benefits of wearing a tactical fanny pack is that it makes it comfortable for you to carry your weapon. While many people enjoy carrying inside the waistband (IWB), sometimes IWB isn’t practical. On hot days or during times of physical exertion, such as while you jog, IWB carry can feel uncomfortable. And the less comfortable your carry position, the less likely you are to carry.

Wearing a tactical pack keeps you ready in case of an emergency. The design makes it easy for you to carry at any time. That’s why tactical packs are gaining popularity. For example, our Marathon Gun Pack is a combination running belt and concealment pack that makes carrying more convenient than ever for runners.

The Pack Secures Your Weapon

Another purpose of a tactical fanny pack is to secure your weapon. You’re unlikely to leave your CCW pack on the floor or a tabletop, easy for anyone to pick up. While people are in the habit of taking off a bag, purse, or backpack, it’s easy to keep a pack on because it’s small and comfortable.

A tactical pack also secures your firearm from an assailant that might try to take it off you. With the gun in front of you and against your body, they’re less likely to try to grab the gun than if it were in a purse or backpack.

It Carries Your Gun in a Great Position

One of the top concerns for anyone who carries is the accessibility of the weapon. A tactical pack combines the comfort of a CCW bag with the accessibility of carrying on your belt. When you need to draw, you don’t need to reach uncomfortably or get into a unique position to access your weapon. Instead, the gun will be right near your draw hand.

Aside from the location of the pack across your waistband, the design of the bag can facilitate fast deployment. The HIP Gunner Concealed Carry Fanny Pack from Elite Survival Systems has a rip-cord design for this purpose.

Find Your Tactical Pack

Choose Elite Survival Systems to meet your needs for concealed carry equipment. Whether you’re considering a CCW bag, a covert rifle case, or a concealment holster, we carry what you need. Shop our selection of durable equipment today.

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