July 26, 2022

Owning a holster that feels too big can make you question whether or not to get a new firearm entirely. However, this is both a costly change and a time-consuming one. Consider investing in the right holster for your larger firearm. It’s possible to make it work if you have the correct holster for it.

The correct answer for your larger firearm will likely lie in an “inside the waistband” holster. This kind of holster is the most concealing of them all. This is important for a larger firearm. Of course, you might need to consider purchasing pants a size larger in order to accommodate. This is still much cheaper than investing in a small firearm entirely. If you’re questioning what type of holster is good for a large firearm, consider these “inside the waistband” holsters:

Inside the Waistband

Elite Combo Holster

The versatility of the Elite Combo Holster is unmatched. Its design allows it to be woven through your belt or clipped onto your pants. This 100 denier nylon concealed carry holster allows room for firearms that are on the larger side while providing durability. Enjoy the Velcro mag pouch that allows room to carry additional ammo. An added bonus includes its capability to be used for either right- or left-handed carriers. In size one, this holster will bit full-size automatic firearms such as Sig Sauer, Ruger, Glock, and Beretta.

Elite Crotch Carry Holster

At its largest size, the elite crotch carry holster fits most full-size autos. It can be carried below your belt opposed to the same level as your belt. Its capability to carry deep prevents pain when sitting down while carrying. This is a common occurrence when carrying a larger firearm. However, it doesn’t have to be. Consider this holster to stay comfortable and safe.

Inside the Pant Clip Holster

Made with ballistic nylon, this pant clip is durable and works for belts up to 2.25-inches wide. It works for both right- and left-handed concealed carriers. Its comfortable design still allows the larges of firearms to be carried. Size one carries a Kimber or Taurus revolver. Size large will hold a Colt, Springfield Hellcat, or Ruger. With many different sizes available, this holster will provide you with confidence in your holster’s fit for a larger firearm.

If you’ve been wondering what kind of holster is best for a larger firearm, look no further. Consider any of these three holsters in order to properly hold your large firearm. Enjoy the versatility, durability, and safety these holsters provide.

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