October 19, 2022

You want a non-obtrusive carry position that keeps your weapon accessible. How to best meet these two requirements varies depending on several factors, including how you will spend your day. Find out which concealed carry position is the safest for your lifestyle and your weapon.

1. Consider the Occasion

Each carry position has advantages and weaknesses, and what works best for safety in one situation might not work well in another. At times, your preferred carry position might not be the safest carry position for a particular day or activity.

For example, if you go on a hiking trip, you might like to use an off-body carry backpack. The holster won’t chafe your body, and you’ll keep your backpack on you. You’ll combine comfort, accessibility, and a secure holster for a safe carrying scenario.

On the other hand, in some events, such as most social occasions, a CCW backpack might not be the safest way to carry. You’ll likely have to take the backpack off, running the risk of leaving your backpack where someone else can get ahold of it and your gun.

2. Find the Right Fit

Your body type influences what carry positions give the best fit, and the fit is a key consideration when determining which concealed carry position is the safest. The worse your holster feels on you, the more likely you are to mess with it and fiddle with the gun. And if you can’t access your gun smoothly, you won’t have the best reaction time in a crisis.

For people with a slender build, the appendix carry position often feels natural. People with an average build can often carry comfortably in the four or five o’clock position. And people with a larger build often prefer to carry in the two o’clock position. You need to experiment to determine what feels best for your body.

3. Always Familiarize Yourself With the Holster

Whatever carry position you choose, always familiarize yourself with the holster. You should wear your holster properly and know how to draw your weapon from the holster efficiently. Even if you’ve worn your holster in one position for years, if you don’t practice using it in a dangerous situation, you are at a disadvantage.

If you don’t familiarize yourself with using the holster, your awkward movements can endanger others or render you unable to defend against an attack. Avoid the threats of negligent discharge or action taken too little, too late.

Elite Survival Systems’ selection of hidden gun holsters simplifies the process of finding the right holster for your lifestyle and weapon. Durable materials and quality construction make these holsters perfect for everyday use. Shop our selection today.

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