July 26, 2022

People who carry concealed prioritize keeping their weapons accessible, secure, and hidden. Many times, a concealed carry backpack is one of the best options for meeting these goals.

A high-quality CCW backpack can help you stay organized and ready in case of an emergency. Learn why you might need a concealed carry backpack.

1. You Can’t Carry Directly on Your Body

Probably the best time to carry your gun in a CCW backpack is when you can’t carry it on your body. Maybe you don’t have the right holster to carry your weapon safely and comfortably under your outfit. Or perhaps you’re doing an activity, such as jogging, that makes it tricky for you to carry.

A concealed carry backpack makes it easy for you to keep your firearm nearby. One of the best rules to follow when you use a CCW backpack is to always keep it on your body. This means your weapon will always be close and won’t fall into someone else’s hands.

2. You Want To Carry Extra Ammunition

Another reason you might need a concealed carry backpack is that you want to carry extra ammunition. The extra space and specialized compartments in your backpack can help you stay organized and prepared. Another benefit of the extra space is that you can carry larger firearms or more than one weapon.

Just like you need to practice drawing from your holster, be sure to safely practice drawing your weapon from your backpack and firing. It’s not enough to know that you have your everyday carry items on hand. Improve your skills and stay prepared with regular practice.

3. You Want To Ensure Discreet Carry

Finally, you want to make sure you carry discreetly. While every state has its own rules for concealed carry, preventing others from seeing your weapon is always a top concern. Thankfully, it’s easy to carry discreetly with a CCW backpack.

The backpack’s size and internal compartments keep your gun secure and hidden. And the minimalist designs of Elite Survival Systems’ CCW backpacks help you keep a low profile. Choose from diverse backpack designs that meet your carry needs—find your CCW backpack today.

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