October 10, 2022

You have a lot of decisions to make before you carry your weapon in public. For example, what kind of firearm do you want to carry, and in what position? What’s the best holster for your needs?

And when it comes to carrying concealed, you need to find a way to balance ease of access to your firearm with other factors such as comfort and discretion. Read on to find out how these considerations pay off and explore why you should be discreet when carrying a concealed weapon.

1. Threats Won’t Know You’re Armed

Probably the most well-known advantage of discreetly carrying your concealed carry weapon (CCW) is that people who pose a threat won’t know you’re armed. If you carry openly, bad actors will easily know. If they’ve planned an attack on you or someone near you, they have a plan for what to do with armed people such as yourself. This potential can make a tough situation worse for you, unfortunately.

In contrast, if you carry concealed, attackers won’t know that you have a weapon on you. The element of surprise will be on your side rather than theirs, increasing your opportunities to protect yourself and others.

2. You Won’t Invite Unwanted Attention

Another reason why you should discreetly carry a concealed weapon is that you won’t invite unwanted attention. Criminals aren’t the only people who might have a negative reaction to your gun. For a variety of reasons, other citizens might not feel comfortable when they see your weapon in plain sight.

Concealing your weapon makes it easy to avoid arguments, unease, and other unnecessary drama or confrontations concerning your firearm. This privacy is one reason why many gun owners feel more comfortable with concealed carry than open carry. Rather than staying hyper-vigilant of how other people are reacting to your firearm, you can go about your day like normal.

3. You’re Following Carry Laws

One of the best reasons to carry discreetly is to follow state laws. Some states completely prohibit open carry, and other states have special requirements you must meet before you can carry a handgun openly. Some of the requirements for qualifying for an open carry permit differ for handguns versus long guns.

Even if you don’t live in a state that prohibits open carry, it’s a good idea to practice discreet carry before you visit another state with different laws and requirements. No matter how you carry, knowing the laws regarding owning and operating firearms in your state or any place you visit is essential.

Finding the right holster and carry position are critical to keeping your weapon well-hidden. Before you go out in public with your gear, take the time at home to test the visibility of your weapon. If necessary, make changes to your position, holster, weapon, or clothes to keep your gun concealed.

4. It Can Help You Carry More Regularly

One of the greatest advantages of concealed carry is that it can help you carry more regularly. How you carry your gun is a personal decision, and how you carry and how often you do so depend on personal preference as much as anything else. However, one of the biggest influences on how often you carry is how comfortable you feel.

Discreetly carrying a gun can help you feel confident about having the upper hand over attackers. You won’t worry about what other people think; you’ll just have your self-defense weapon with you and go about your day. Discreet carry empowers many people to carry their guns more often, allowing them to remain ready for dangerous circumstances every time they go out.

5. Discreet Carry Can Help You De-Escalate

Openly carrying your weapon can leave less room for you to use other defense tools. While your weapon is important for self-defense, it shouldn’t be the only option you have. You want to remain ready to face dangers responsibly, and using secondary tools, such as pepper spray, can help.

If you can effectively stop an attacker by deploying another self-defense option, this is a fantastic way to de-escalate a situation. That said, if your weapon is visible from the beginning, the attacker might decide to become more aggressive, increasing your chance of needing to use your firearm.

Train for how to use the secondary defense tools you have. Just like with your firearm, you don’t want to try using one of these tools for the first time during an actual emergency.

6. Concealed Carry Enhances Your Self-Defense

Unfortunately, you might not always be able to use a secondary defense measure. So, another reason to carry discreetly is that it enhances your ability to use your weapon for self-defense.

The more often you carry your weapon, the more confident you are with it in public. And when you regularly carry discreetly and practice drawing and firing from your CCW holster, you build invaluable muscle memory. With a discreet weapon, you avoid calling attention to yourself as well.

All these factors combined help you with self-defense. Experience, a calm mind, and the element of surprise improve your safety.

7. Options for Different Environments and Firearms

Another reason to grow accustomed to discreet carry is that you have options for different environments and firearms. Even if you sometimes or often enjoy carrying openly, or even if you seldom carry, on-body and off-body CCW gear can enable you to carry wherever you’re legally allowed to.

You might want to change your carry position or gun type based on your location. Your preferred carry position while you jog is probably different from your preferred position while you’re seated at work. The best carry position changes depending on your activity level and how you position your body, and CCW bags and holsters can meet your needs.

And aside from positioning, you’ll encounter different attitudes toward guns depending on your location. Familiarize yourself with your preferred CCW options ahead of time to improve your experience with carrying in general.

Use a discreet rifle case from Elite Survival Systems to carry your long gun with ease. Our options include backpacks, messenger bags, and a rolling rifle bag. Find your preferred carrying style today.

Why You Should Be Discreet When Carrying a Concealed Weapon

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