February 16, 2023

You use a home defense weapon to defend yourself and your household from intruders, and you store it in a secure location that unauthorized people cannot access. On the other hand, you carry a concealed carry weapon (CCW) on your body or in a concealed carry bag. Discover why your home defense and CCW weapons should be different.

Size Requirements

You want to carry a concealed weapon discreetly, and the larger your firearm, the more challenging that becomes. Several factors determine how well you hide your firearm, including your carrying position, holster, clothing, and gun type. You don’t need to carry a micro-compact handgun, but a smaller gun is easier to conceal and more comfortable to wear.

Your home defense weapon doesn’t need to be smaller. Many people prefer to use larger guns to defend their homes because a larger size allows for a longer sight radius, making it easier to shoot more accurately.


Another reason your home defense and CCW weapons should be different is ammunition capacity. In general, smaller guns hold less ammo. You train to improve your accuracy and use your weapon efficiently, but in a stressful scenario, you may require more bullets than anticipated.

Of course, you can carry additional ammo for your CCW and home defense gun. Extra magazines are a popular everyday carry item. You can keep your ammo in your pocket with Elite Survival Systems’ Pocket Magazine Pouch or attach your magazine to a case or bag with a hook-and-loop magazine pouch.

Weapon Lights

A weapon-mounted light improves your ability to see your environment and helps maximize your weapon control in any light condition. It’s easier to keep a light mounted to your home defense weapon; use the light to identify a potential threat before you react with your gun. You can improve your shooting accuracy when the light is attached to your firearm.

Some CCW holsters accommodate a handgun with an attached light, like Elite Survival Systems’ Mainstay Clipless IWB holster L Series. But many people do not want to add more bulk and weight to their guns. Consider carrying a separate, small flashlight as an everyday carry item if you do not want a light on your weapon.

Elite Survival Systems makes home defense and everyday carry more intuitive with rifle carry bags and more. Low profile designs support discreet carry, and durable construction keeps your firearm in excellent condition. Shop with us today for new concealed carry equipment.

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