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Assault Systems®, established in 1979, was the first company ever to produce holsters and weapons cases from nylon. Assault Systems® developed a legacy of standards in manufacturing and quality that was unmatched - guaranteeing every product for life. Since then, Assault Systems® tactical equipment has become the metric by which all other tactical nylon gear is measured.

In 2003, Elite Survival Systems® acquired and revitalized the Assault Systems® brand. We honor our heritage by standing by the famous lifetime guarantee, and continue to produce the majority of our products in the USA.

Today, we are renowned as a manufacturer of some of the most inventive, highest quality, and best respected nylon lines in the shooting industry. Your genuine Elite Survival Systems® gear never quits. Guaranteed. Real hardware requires real kit. So what are you waiting for? Browse this high-caliber collection of tactical equipment for sale today!

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