Submachine Gun Case

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These Assault Systems tactical soft submachine gun cases are similar in construction to our assault rifle cases and special weapons bags, and are available in seven sizes to fit a variety of submachine guns. They come in lengths of 16 " to 27". They have various shapes and pocket configurations depending on the weapons which they accommodate. These submachine gun bags are constructed of fully padded 1000 denier nylon with full-length heavy-duty zippers. Each tactical soft gun case comes with a 2" shoulder strap. Submachine gun bags available in black only.

Made in the USA.

Size Fits, Price, Dims
2 UZI with short barrel; H&K MP5A3; S&W M76
Dims: 22.5"L X 8.5"H X 2.5"D
3 AR15 style pistols up to 22"
Dims: 22.5"L X 8.5"H X 2.5"
Assault Systems Soft Case AR15 Pistol
4 Olympic Arms OA93, OA96 pistols up to 16"
Dims: 17"L X 10"H X 2.5"D
Assault Systems Olympic Arms Pistols
5 H&K UMP .40/.45
Dims: 18"L X 10.5"H X 2.5"D
Assault Systems H&K UMP Case
6 FN P90
Dims: 22.5"L X 8.5"H X 2.5"D
Assault Systems FN P90 Case
7 FN PS90
Dims: 27"L X 8.5"H X 2.5"D
Assault Systems FN PS90 Case

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