Elite Survival Systems holsters are built to last by utilizing the finest materials and workmanship. We offer holsters in popular styles such as concealment, tactical, and special use. Want to carry your weapon inside your waistband? We have several IWB holsters you can use. Do you have a vest you would like a holster attached to? Check out our modular holsters. Elite Survival Systems offers a variety of tactical and CCW holsters from drop leg to shoulder systems. Whether you need to carry a weapon discreetly or out in the open while on duty, we have the holster for you. All our holsters for sale provide quick and easy access to firearms and come in many sizes. Elite Survival Systems holsters fit pistols, revolvers, tasers, and more. We also have options for magazines so you can always have extra ammo on hand. Shop our selection of durable tactical and CCW holsters below!

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