Knives and Sharpeners

Elite Survival Systems has you covered for your tactical blade and sharpening needs. Our versatile collection of knives caters to all styles and sizes. We carry products from top tactical knife brands like Edge Technologies Engineering (ETE) and Al Mar. Originally designed for the U.S. Army’s SERE school, Al Mar knives are military-grade and deliver the kind of performance that real life demands. ETE survival knives feature corrosion resistance, making them ultra-strong and extremely durable.

Many of our tactical knives for sale come with pocket clips to provide discrete carry so you can always have your blade on hand. If you are looking for any additional accessories, we offer a 4-piece set that includes a keychain knife, 8-function tool, and more. Also, make sure to keep your tactical knives razor-sharp and pristine with our carbide sharpeners for sale! From handheld to double-sided, we sell a wide range of blade sharpeners online.

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