June 02, 2022

It can be easy to make these common mistakes when concealed carrying. If you’ve made either of these, don’t be too hard on yourself. Take some time to evaluate your carrying habits and adjust accordingly, both literally and figurately. Next time you carry your firearm with you, have confidence that you are respecting others around you while being prepared for a crisis.

Not Being Discrete

Let’s face it; it can be easy to adjust your concealed carry while you’re out and about. However, this is an obvious way of telling those around you that you carry. While some may feel secure by this, others may feel intimated. It’s essential that you carry discretely, not only out of respect for others but also so that you don’t have your license confiscated.

A hidden gun holster will help you to accomplish these goals. Communicate with your closest friends or family members when you’re carrying. Also, have a well-thought-of plan formed in the case of an emergency. With communication and a plan formed, you’ll add security to the overall process of carrying.

No Practice

It’s one thing to conceal carry appropriately, but it’s another to have confidence in your shooting skills. You can do everything correctly when carrying, but if you don’t have sharpshooting skills, then you can’t protect yourself and others in a crisis. Practice as much as possible through dry fire and live fire. This will perfect your shooting skills so that when adrenaline takes over, you can still disable a threat.

Forgetting Your Permit

There can be serious legal charges if you carry or draw your firearm without having your permit on you. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to bring your permit with you before you leave the house. If this task becomes tiresome, ask someone else if they’d be willing to remind you to grab it.

Not Looking at Local Laws

Don’t make the common conceal carry mistake of not looking at current and local laws. Legal woes could be in your future if you don’t educate yourself on local laws before you travel somewhere. From school zones and federal buildings to national parks and airports, you must stay educated on where you can conceal carry. Ensure you have a lockbox or discreet rifle case that you can keep in your vehicle if you must take your firearm off.

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