September 03, 2021

So you just purchased your first firearm. Congratulations, and welcome to gun ownership. Your next step should be to purchase the right holster for your weapon so you can begin training with it to perfect your carry style and draw. 

Why do you need a gun holster? 

Holsters are important for several reasons:

  1. Safety: New gun owners and seasoned shooting pros alike should always err on the side of caution with firearms. Securing your firearm in a holster helps prevent unintentional discharge. 
  2. Concealment: Many gun owners prefer to carry discreetly (though, in some states, you’ll need a concealed carry permit to do so). Holsters help conceal your firearm by allowing you to carry in different places, such as your pocket, waist, ankle, and more. 
  3. Comfort: Holsters allow you to carry your weapon wherever is most convenient for your comfort level. If carrying a pistol in your pocket is uncomfortable (especially when you’re seated or active) a holster can help you move the weapon where it is more comfortable on your body.
  4. Preparedness: It is much easier to train with your new firearm when you have a holster because you can build muscle memory. If you wear your holster at the range and practice, you’ll build muscle memory over time so that in a dire situation you can rely on that muscle memory to draw your weapon. The alternative to this is carrying in your pocket. Since pockets vary (from depth to width to placement), this type of carry is not as effective for building muscle memory. For new gun owners especially, a holster will help you be more prepared if disaster strikes. 
  5. Firearm protection: A good holster will also protect your firearm from dust and moisture, which will extend its lifespan. 

What to look for in a gun holster.

Choosing the right holster can be challenging if you’ve never done it before, so below we’re outlining a few key considerations you should keep in mind. 

  1. Make sure the holster is made to fit your specific firearm, including any attachments you may have on your weapon. 
  2. Your holster should be comfortable. If you find it uncomfortable, you’ll be more likely not to carry as often. Also, make sure to purchase a left-handed or ambidextrous holster if you aren’t right handed. 
  3. The holster should cover the trigger guard. When your firearm is holstered, you should not be able to pull the trigger. If you can, you need a different holster.
  4. Look for excellent manufacturing. Your holster is an extension of your firearm and should not be cheaply made. 

4 Best Holsters for New Gun Owners



Mainstay Clipless Inside Waistband Holster

The Mainstay Clipless IWB/Pocket Holster is a classic holster from Elite Survival Systems and is a great option for new gun owners because it allows for multiple styles of carry. The slip-resistant outer shell keeps the holster firmly in place as you draw. It’s even ambidextrous and comes in a variety of sizes to fit popular handguns. 




New gun owners may prefer overt carry as it can be more comfortable. If you plan on carrying your firearm outside the waistband, the Dura-Tek Belt Holster from Elite Survival Systems is a great option. Constructed of dense, padded ballistic nylon and an injection-molded polymer belt panel, it provides maximum coverage for your firearm. The built-in SightStrip™ even offers protection to front and rear sights. 




 If you prefer abdominal-strap carry, you should try the Core Defender Belly Band Gun Holster from Elite Survival Systems. Belly band holsters are a comfortable option for concealment, and since the firearm is held snug to the abdomen you’ll get an added feeling of security and stability. They are also made for people of all shapes and sizes, from 24”-50” wide.



Belt Clip Holster Draw

For maximum concealability, the Inside the Pant Clip Holster is a solid choice. Constructed of multi-layer, turned and quilted ballistic nylon with a spring-steel clip, this holster is crafted to last. It is ambidextrous and suited to multiple draw styles, making it a great choice for new gun owners who aren’t certain which style suits them best yet. Great for appendix carry, or small of back.

Starting your gun ownership journey with a quality holster will help you protect yourself, your weapon, and your technique. We hope you’ll consider one of these top four holsters for your first holster. Let us know in the comments what questions you may have. 

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